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Just what are Managed IT Services?

Right from the beginning of the IT industry, managed IT services have been a feature. It means that you don’t have to take on the demanding and expensive task of hiring and training a technical staff and dealing with selection and installation of hardware and software. We, at Jersey City Computer Services, assume that responsibility and with our expertise, do it for you.

When Jersey City Computer Services takes on the responsibility and does it well, as we always do, there are enormous benefits. Your complete IT burden is removed. All the details – the hiring, the training, the hardware, the software, communications and the internet are removed from your business. It’s more effective and cost effective for us to worry about keeping up with the evolving technology, the hardware upgrades, the software, employee turnover and continuity of support than for you to do it yourselves.

Why hire an outside company such as Jersey City Computer Services to manage your IT services?

Give it some thought. There’s no magic. There’s an incredible economy of size which winds up costing you less. We spread our hiring and employment costs, our employee training, test equipment among all our customers. If a business does it for itself, there’s not only the cost of the items mentioned but also the initial start up costs and overhead.  The evolution of technology today is rapid and complicated. It usually requires specialization in networks, in software, in hardware and so on. The cost of keeping one specialist or more is very high, that is, if you can find one when you need one. The cost of our expensive specialists is also spread among all our customers. The result is dramatic savings for our customers.

What things are covered byJersey City Computer Services?

Company Networks. We design and install them:

We select and install all the necessary hardware, cabling, software and get it all working. After this, anyone using the newly installed system has to be trained so that they get productive as fast as possible. We’ve done it many times before. With our experience, the cost for us to do it is a fraction of the cost for you to do it the first and only time.

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