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The essence of the security problem is the managing of risk. The only secure computer is a broken one. It can’t be hacked and it can’t be invaded remotely. Even then, information can be extracted from it’s hard drive. It’s hard to work with a broken computer so what is really necessary it to know your enemy. What are the threats to your computers, how can we minimize them and at how much expense. When an assessment is performed, careful analysis of the risks is necessary to establish a clear plan to bring the risk to a reasonable level.  At Jersey City Computer Services we know what has to be done and how to do it.

What would it mean if a company’s assets are lost or stolen? A business has to evaluate this carefully. That’s required by good risk assessment. Then and only then, can a plan be developed, that answers the questions: what’s kind of protection is there now, what do we have to add to it to keep up, who has to be trained, and finally how much will it cost? With this information, the developed plan can minimize the risk of losing the company’s assets.  Risk analysis must be done periodically, place in a maintenance routine to keep up with the hacking and malware arms war. If a new system is being installed, risk assessment must be an integral part of its ongoing maintenance. At Jersey City Computer Services we have the expertise to develop an effective plan.

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