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For our convenience, we break out services into three main areas. But realistically, these services overlap. The division is arbitrary and merely to make it easier to describe.

Beginning the basic assistance we offer for the Mac user at his or her desk, to the ultimate staffing and running of a complete IT department, we can do it all. This removes the IT responsibility completely from a business and lets them concentrate on their business, with IT being just a tool.

With IT Consulting, we help you decide what to do. We advise you based on the knowledge which our experts bring to the table. We include analysis and assessment of risk as a main feature. Risk assessment has become critical now with the proliferation of hacking and data theft. And with the internet, potential liability can’t always be so obvious. Jersey City Computer Services can help you minimize the risks that we are all exposed to in cyber reality.

The Cloud,  so named because it’s location is mysteriously defined as elsewhere. It’s a simple concept. Several companies are providing off-site data storage, backup and even processing. It’s the idea of putting your data and processing software at another site whose only business is to take care of your large amounts of data and sometimes, at your request, process it.

Have a maintained dedicated IT team and tools that will make an informed assessment with regards to your needs.

Our company is extensively experienced in virtually all aspects of the IT industry.

We will have your IT Network working together in harmony and ensure an efficient and effective system.

We can help you with problems involving your computers and connection to the company.

We make our expertise available for on-going assistance by phone or on-call.

We do a careful analysis of risks and establich a clear plan to help you move forward.

We will help keep your important data and information secured with a reliable Cloud company.


We will identify if a cloud based app is efficient for your business and we will help effectively install this on your computers.

We can set up a managed email for a business and train employees in how to use it and what it can do for them.

Have access to your data anywhere and be confident that they are protected.

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