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Description of IT Consulting

Many times, a business wants to staff up and maintain its own IT department. In that case we can still serve a very legitimate purpose. We offer our knowledge and expertese on a consulting basis. Any of the components of the services we offer can be obtained by asking us to be consultants.  With a phone call we will respond and provide ongoing assistance. And we will respond promptly when you have an emergency.

We provide such consulting service to our customers. We offer a fount of knowledge and expertise to assist you in making decisions. Using our help and advice, you can make choices with confidence. On a consulting basis we can provide training, which becomes more demanding with each technical advance. New hardware, software, upgrades, new problems arise every day and keeping current is very demanding. At Jersey City Computer Services, training is an important offering. We can develop courses, produce training videos and help employees master what they need to get their job done. We also provide risk management and provide the expertise so that our customers can plan for it and minimize it.


A business faces upgrade questions, software and hardware continually.  A business wants to know what software to buy, what hardware to buy, whether or not to upgrade, or whether to develop their own software or buy it.  Whether to make it or buy it is something we can help with. We can do the necessary research and participate in the discussion with the expertise the customer doesn’t have in-house. Although we don’t make the decisions we can provide information and suggestions so that the decisions are made with confidence and a minimum of delay.  Good advice from us is our best advertisement and we take that responsibility seriously.


Training has always been vital to IT growth since the beginning of the modern computer age. True, many employees have become sophisticated computer users and network connectees, but technology is moving so fast that it takes too much of one’s personal mental bandwidth to keep up with it.  It is a serious challenge to keep employees trained. The training must be relevant, timely and leave the employee comfortable. We develop courses to train our customers’ employees. We can develop videos, provide trainers or even train the trainers so that a business can do it for themselves. We can arrange for a course on-site or on one of our venues. Training can also show employees what to do or not to do to minimize problems that negatively affect their productivity. This brings us to our next topic, risk assessment.

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